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About Me

Growing up in Austin, TX, I've always been surrounded by the arts and music. I knew from a young age that music created a form of passion I couldn't achieve elsewhere. This spark began a life journey I hold dear to my heart.
My childhood was filled with piano lessons, voice lessons, dance, choir and musical theater rehearsals, and falling asleep to the local classical music station.

My foundation in music and music theory amplified the connection I had to the creation of music, and soon I realized writing and composing was where my heart would guide me. 

I received my Bachelor and Master of Music in Composition from Oklahoma City University, where I was given amazing opportunities to create, collaborate, and learn with my professors and peers. 

During my college experience, I was opened up to a world of people just as passionate (or should I say nerdy?) as me. That connection, I've found, is just as important as an artist as the creation process. My primary goal in composing is to give back to the world with full emotion and hopefully inspire a few people along the way :)

I currently live in Austin, TX with my incredibly talented husband, Max  (composer and musician extraordinaire). We keep on our toes with our oldest daughter, younger twins, corgi and whippet. 
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