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I'm a versatile composer who specializes in music for film, TV, video games, mobile apps, and other forms of media.

Have a project in need of some custom original music? No project is too small or too big! I'm always available to discuss needs and ideas for any budget. Just shoot me an email at

Below is a list of my completed commercial works:

* Logic Pro Audio
* Sequencing
* Orchestration
* Arranging
* Transcription




* Sober Indian Dangerous Indian, Original Score

            Feature-Length Documentary Film, 2013 

            John Maisch, Dir.


* CasinoRPG, Original Music

            Trailer and Promo, 2013 

            GoldFire Studios


* Nadir's Zenith, Original Music

            Trailer and Promo, 2013 

            Jackson Compton, Creator/Writer ; Jerry Bennet, Illustrator


* Deception, Original Score

            Short-Film, 2013 

            Stuart Mower, Dir.


* Louder Than a Bomb: Omaha, Original Music

            Promotional Video, 2012 

            Nebraska Writer's Collective


* Unannounced iOS Application, Original Music/Sound Design

            iOSApp ; Release Date, TBD



* Acquiescence, Original Music

           Photography Presentation, 2011 

           Kevin Gourley Photography


* The Witch-Queen and the Peddler, Original Score

           Children's Story, 2013 

           Megan Randa, Creator/Writer
           Jerry Bennett, Illustrator ; Kasey Yeargain, Narrator


* The Adventures of Alex: Electricity, Original Music

            iPad App, 2012 

            Wayne Hartman, Creator/Programmer


* Unannounced Video Game, Original Music

             Release Date, TBD

             LIGHTCOSM, L.L.C.,, Creator/Developer




* A&M UMC Promotional Spot, Original Music

            Promotional Advertisement, 2013 

            A&M United Methodist Church


* Barzeef's Conquest, Original Orchestral Remix

             Independant Video Game, 2013 

             Vintage Games ; Dan Bisciglia, Composer


* I Love You, Jane, Original Score

            Short Film, 2014 

            Rachel Wilson, Dir.


* "Celebrate" Official Music Video, Additional Music

            Music Video, 2014

            Richie Luna, Producer/Artist


* Legacy, Original Score

            Feature Film, 2015

            Rachel Wilson, Dir.


* CasinoRPG, Original Music

            Browser-based MMORPG ; 
GoldFire Studios, Creator/Developer

* Forsaken, Original Music

            Trailer , 2011 

            Studio Rival Film Productions


While my focus falls primarily within media, I'm also trained in composing for live ensembles/ concert settings and have premiered numerous works (listed under the 'Completed Works' section on this site).
In 2013, I obtained my Master of Music in Music Composition from Oklahoma City University. I'm currently  enjoying life in my hometown, Austin, with my husband (and fellow composer), Max, as well as our two dogs.


* Surprise Wedding, Original Score

            Short Film, 2012  

            Timothy Fall, Dir.


* Homecoming, Original Score

            Short Film, 2012  

            Timothy Fall, Dir.